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  • Sun, 06:48: RT @mekkaokereke: This is why women often understate their accomplishments. It's not lack of confidence. It's a learned behavior. They've…
  • Sun, 06:48: RT @mekkaokereke: But the lesson is clear... As a woman, if you so much as celebrate a win, you better have your ducks in order. All of the…
  • Sun, 06:48: RT @mekkaokereke: Katie "survived" her challenge, because she is unimpeachably good: * Literally did something in astrophysics/CompSci tha…
  • Sun, 06:51: @FioraAeterna hey, do you already know about the Sunnyvale lace museum? they are having a 'donate what you can' sal… https://t.co/6rvs8iJjz4
  • Sun, 07:32: RT @matvelloso: If you measure a developer's performance by number of lines of code written, careful with what you're wishing for...


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