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  • Thu, 18:45: It's world book day? We're going to Powell's!
  • Thu, 19:28: RT @BarryBriggs: The industry hasn't yet quite caught on that actor model is one of the most important and profound developments in softwar…
  • Thu, 19:28: RT @BarryBriggs: Others may disagree, but consider how devs spend time using what I call the business logic and value -to- configuration an…
  • Fri, 06:02: RT @kirupa: Are you a power user deciding between getting a #MacBook Pro, #iPad Pro, or #Surface Pro 6? Here is a good breakdown: https://t…
  • Fri, 06:02: Otherwise Blameless Life is my next band name
  • Fri, 06:05: RT @Sonali_Kohli: hi hello? *taps mic* This is a ~mental health~ thread. As journalists we talk a lot ab the work we do but not about the…
  • Fri, 06:07: RT @kclemson: @gteather “Be a consistently good person who creates moments for others” is a pretty awesome way to think about the past and…
  • Fri, 06:23: RT @halleluyang: Companies using “females” instead of “women” in their electronic mailers for International Women’s Day promos
  • Fri, 06:34: hey UK twitter, do I need to hate watch the Bradley interview or can we just huddle under the cover and whimper?�
  • Fri, 06:34: RT @ramez: The world's battery companies are building factories to produce ~1TWh of lithium-ion batteries per year by 2030. Now, not all…
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    Sun, 13:31: RT @ mtarral: libmicrovmi now has an official Windows release Bundled drivers: - VirtualBox (icebox) -…

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    Sat, 14:45: Assume breach/zero trust is the same 'protect the data not the device/boundary' I've been writing about since Windows 8…

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    Fri, 13:34: RT @ DavidHenigUK: I recall hearing this gradual shift of staff out of the UK under European regulatory pressure predicted in 2017.…

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