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  • Mon, 22:51: RT @MaryRobinette: A panel moderator asked, "With a female protagonist, how much do you worry about making the book appeal to male readers?…
  • Mon, 22:57: RT @Alex_A_Simons: This is very exciting news! One of the foundational technologies for building a more secure cloud.
  • Mon, 23:00: RT @alicegoldfuss: The Open Source Initiative board is having elections and a number of women are running. They are already getting target…
  • Mon, 23:01: RT @vtoubiana: Google's response to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission contains some appealing arguments:
  • Mon, 23:03: Lined up on the LAX runway for our PDX flight behind the plane that brought us to LAX ;)✈
  • Tue, 02:03: RT @NerdPyle: A sizeable percentage of Storage Migration Service source devices are Windows Server 2003 You can right the wrongs
  • Tue, 02:08: I art directed this from the window seat� ;)
  • Tue, 02:11: RT @Carnage4Life: Any analysis of pay gaps at big tech companies that only looks at people at the same level is flawed. These companies hav…
  • Tue, 02:11: RT @NerdPyle: You better not have read this and said "weak Kerberos ciphers? What is he talking about?" because then I will accuse you of h…
  • Tue, 02:12: RT @jaydestro: Reminder bitcoin is killing the planet for libertarian nerds to buy drugs online.
Tags: #ev, #globaldev, #microsoftteams, #smartnic, #windowsserver, twitter
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