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  • Thu, 17:22: RT @OfficeInsider: Windows #OfficeInsiders, we've made enabling Auto-Save for locally stored files as easy as two clicks of the mouse! Want…
  • Thu, 17:24: RT @mjg59: When Eben Moglen threatened an attendee at Libreplanet, RMS threatened to overrule the staff who were trying to enforce the safe…
  • Thu, 17:25: RT @k8em0: "despite multiple efforts at coordination with the vendor, we haven’t heard back from them at all" I have dropped 0day too under…
  • Thu, 17:37: RT @chadloder: “Hey the CFO wants local admin rights on their laptop”
  • Thu, 17:43: RT @amrita_rout: And we are live! Sticky Notes are now available on OneNote mobile in both iOS and Android. Please download the latest upda…
  • Thu, 17:45: RT @shortproof: Read this article where the author makes all these wishes for a backend for his mobile app, then "skips" Azure Mobile Servi…
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