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  • Mon, 12:40: The Internet of Commercial Things Done On The Cheap�
  • Mon, 12:41: I see I am going to need to spend some time in the new year giving #onedrive feedback about their web site and how…
  • Mon, 13:06: Everyone on twitter believing that the media badgering the police into no comment means the professionals at Gatwic…
  • Mon, 13:19: RT @neilhimself: No, BBC Radio is free in the UK too. You do not need a TV license to listen to the radio in the UK, or to stream it, even…
  • Mon, 13:23: RT @Geoelte_Spinne: When you thought Brexit couldn't get any stupider - UK parliament supposed to debate making the Irish adopt the £, so…
  • Mon, 15:22: this remains the best UK Christmas advert ever (it was for biscuits)
  • Mon, 15:32: reminds me of hearing that Frasier was a hit with millennials because he does a podcast and lives with his gather
  • Mon, 15:58: RT @Kasparov63: Congratulations to #Armenia 🇦🇲 for winning The Economist's "Country of the Year" for 2018. In a year of global struggle aga…
  • Mon, 16:03: RT @Stonekettle: History, our own military strategy, and our national security policies learned over two painful centuries, demonstrate jus…
  • Mon, 16:06: RT @YEVGEN1YA: When a company like PayPal (which bans sex workers from using its services) allows Pornhub to use them for processing paymen…
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