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  • Sun, 13:42: RT @monkchips: I very much like the argument a second referendum would be bad because it would be "divisive", because of course the first r…
  • Sun, 13:54: RT @sianushka: David Cameron’s incompetence has set men in politics back decades.
  • Sun, 13:55: RT @CatherineQ: New rule: anyone who uses an argument this cosmically stupid gets a one-way vacay to Venus. (New marketing slogan: “Hey, it…
  • Sun, 13:55: RT @maakusan: "If WTO terms or existing EU preferential deals are not good enough for the UK in major third country markets, they can’t be…
  • Sun, 13:56: RT @banasidhe: @Epitopic @SirKoper @Laurie_Garrett As a former (infosec) conference orgainzer, I can confirm this. Women typically write fu…
  • Sun, 13:57: That should do away with those arguments about "lowering the bar" for diversity�
  • Sun, 13:57: RT @Pete_Brown: In my continuation of some win10 MIDI tests, I've managed to get 63 USB devices attached to my PC. A few show up as multi-d…
  • Sun, 14:00: RT @AlbertoNardelli: 6. Regardless of what Blair says, EU27 position on free movement will not change for one simple reason: without free m…
  • Sun, 14:00: RT @gquaggiotto: Data scores - a tool to map and investigate the uses of data analytics and algorithms in public services in the UK https:/…
  • Sun, 14:01: Without Issigonis, would Oxford have had its car industry? No immigration, no Cowley...�
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