Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

The best little cheese shop in Putney

We're suckers for gadgets, sbisson and me. We have all three sizes of microplane grater, a bread machine, an ice cream maker with its own freezer, the juicing attachment for the Magimix and a drawer full of Klippits. The arrival of the Lakeland catalogue makes the bank manager shudder. Our latest find is the Tefal Cheese Preserver (not to mistaken for the frighteningly naff Cheese Slice Store, which promises to "keep cheese slices under control").

The Cheese Preserver is this little £10 plastic box that you put cheese in and it looks like any other £10 plastic box, except for the slider in the lid. This is a microfilter membrane that stops the cheee smell getting out while it lets nice moist air in. Which means the chese doesn't dry out or go mouldy in two days flat, the way it does in the cheese drawer. It's better than foil, cling film, greaseproof paper, kitchen paper, muslin, brown paper bags and everything else I've tried. Cheddar keeps for ages without wrapping it hermetically and so does everything else. The smaller Preserver is best because it has a permanent filter and it takes more cheese than two people can comfortably eat in a week.
You want one.

This also means sbisson can go shuffle the cheese palette (as they say on the Dead Ringers version of Hustle) to his heart's content ;-)

Tags: food, geek
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