Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Mon, 02:59: Gozer? Gozer, is that you?�
  • Mon, 03:00: RT @vickyharp: Here's what I want to tell every hiring manager: - Do not look at profile pictures of applicants - Do not expect candidates…
  • Mon, 03:01: RT @bgurley: That was always a myth. The number one cost for all startups for the past two decades is people. People costs are quite high a…
  • Mon, 03:04: RT @damonedwards: OH: “Culture is how people make decisions when the boss isn’t in the room”
  • Mon, 03:08: RT @metroadlib: God in heaven... please, please, please don't EVER let me fall so far in your estimation that AXL ROSE condescends to take…
  • Mon, 03:09: RT @nataliereed84: To say "the current level of rainforest deforestation has devastating effects" is not a political statement any more tha…
  • Mon, 03:19: RT @TommyLee: If you are building digital experiences, then you need to read @katholmes book Mismatch on #inclusivedesign. Just got my copy…
Tags: #inclusivedesign, twitter
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