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  • Sun, 12:16: RT @pnewman000: The right Brexit deal is to remain in the EU and persuade the people of the benefits of membership. The only right thing to…
  • Sun, 12:17: I�can't even...�
  • Sun, 12:19: RT @jonlis1: This is a pretty big story. Leave campaign’s biggest donor now thinks we should have voted to Remain. Hundreds of thousands of…
  • Sun, 12:21: RT @thomasroeqc: And mine from the same judge: Counsel: ... What did you say to Mr Smith next? Respectable witness: Your Honour, I used a r…
  • Sun, 12:25: RT @catehstn: Everything is terrible lately? Let’s find something to be cheerful about… suggestions: 1) something you accomplished 2) a tho…
  • Sun, 12:29: Security, operations, logging...� A fundamental point about observability
  • Sun, 12:29: RT @PrivacyMatters: The Doctor Kids app is “structured so that the decision to not buy anything from the game is wrong; the child is shamed…
  • Sun, 12:30: RT @JewishNewsUK: .@SadiqKhan attends Shabbat service at @tweetWLS telling congregants how London “stands shoulder to shoulder with the Jew…
  • Mon, 01:48: RT @ScienceSoph: I am a twelve year old girl and I love science. That doesn't mean I have to love the colour pink or watching makeup videos…
  • Mon, 01:57: Well documented backwards compatibility people forget about �
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