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  • Sat, 14:27: RT @colettelda: If you know someone in London who is looking to learn more about digital identity & diversity @WomeninID is looking for an…
  • Sat, 14:29: UEFI is easy to get wrong; I'd like to see OEMs pick this up, contribute and raise the bar for UEFI to where it sho… https://t.co/K8qC88Sz8y
  • Sat, 14:32: RT @amendlocke: Petition: Protect library services by ringfencing government funding for libraries. https://t.co/6QZXcJQ8A5
  • Sat, 14:37: er, Microsoft uses both Service Fabric *and* Kubernetes. but you know, *you probably aren't building a public cloud… https://t.co/Yu5gECCv3m
  • Sat, 14:44: use carefully - known folders not being empty is part of the 'data loss' 1809 issue - but OneDriving known folders… https://t.co/Nqe71oMtS6
  • Sat, 15:44: must see if I can track down more details of the weather modelling Delta uses to put 3D turbulence predictions on p… https://t.co/kFR1aERzIG
  • Sat, 16:07: ah, the top results feature is in Outlook search for Office Insiders on Windows. so far it's not actually helpful f… https://t.co/gEVYAnH1pk
  • Sat, 20:02: RT @MSFTResearch: Microsoft Research's Data Science Summer School explored the reliability of the NYC subway system. Students examined ride…
  • Sat, 20:04: OMG! I blocked my way to Twitter showing me Microsoft Research promoted tweets!
  • Sat, 20:20: RT @brianschatz: I don’t want to arm synagogues and churches and schools. I want to live in a society where nazism and white supremacy craw…
  • Sat, 20:26: RT @sophiebits: To the YouTube commenters saying me being a “thing in a dress” takes away from the content of my keynote: I was React’s #1…
  • Sat, 20:27: I'm 'drape the towel over the fly swatter to mop up the drips on the dripping ceiling before they fall' tall https://t.co/Gkrvv9opi7
  • Sat, 20:32: RT @Mendelpol: If any members of the House of Lords follow me, please can you DM. I don't think Baroness Tonge is fit to be a Peer if she s…
  • Sun, 00:51: RT @migueldeicaza: Remember friends - if you are contributing to your company PAC, email them first thing in the morning and ask them to st…
  • Sun, 01:01: RT @curi0usJack: For anyone else interested in creating Office Web Add-Ins, you may find this helpful. It easily spits out web add-ins for…
  • Sun, 01:13: RT @GurdeepPall: Whoa. https://t.co/tlKOHXBHce
  • Sun, 01:37: I'm seeing a lot of people saying Gab is still on Azure; appears they moved to Backblaze for storage�at least� https://t.co/clUGFQAEO5


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