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Everything is bigger in Las Vegas

...including the moths. Enormous moths with wings about 3" long swoop around on the monorail. They're so big that when I saw them in the giant spotlight that shines up from the Luxor pyramid I thought they were birds maddened by the light. I can see the beam from out here in Henderson; apparantly you can see it from California, Arizone and low earth orbit.... I wonder if the world's largest beam of light is evolving the world's largest moth? Google tells me they're the white-lined sphinx: how appropriate for the Luxor!

Spent the day in my room writing, took the hotel shuttle into town and wandered from the Mandalay Bay up to the MGM Grand enjoying the neon. Two lionesses sacked out in the corner of the cube but the cubs had gone home for the night. Wolfgang Puck was far too noisy and crowded but I found the Shibuya sushi restaurant round the corner (that's round the corner *inside* the casion of course). The eel sushi was excellent, the salmon skin hand roll was the size of a small ice cream cone and the eel mango avocado cucumber dragon roll was fabulous. Then I rode the monorail out to the Sahara (and straight back); noting that the Wynn is open, that Manilow promises music and passion at the Hilton which suggest he must be back in fashion and that Americans can know the original name of a movie and the American name and not know they're the same. Who was in La Cage aux Folles the chap appealed to me as he discussed it with his girlfriend; Robin Williams, I said. And Gene Hackman. Isn't that The Birdcage he said? I nearly replied with the Madness of George story ;-)

as hotel rooms go, one that has mountain views out of the window scores well, but I wish there was a kettle as well as a coffee maker ;-)

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