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Safely in Las Vegas, in the Green Valley Marriot Courtyard. Eitehr TGI Fridays is more downmarket in the US or it's *gone* downmarket. Still, the white peach sangria was nice and the waiter had fabulous handlebar moustaches!

The sun came out just as I left the hotel, whcih made for a nice walk down tho the Westlake Centre to catch the monorail. Being suspended over the side of the rail going round curves is - unnerving but huge fun! The Experience Music Project looks like the walls melted in the sun and the coloured titanium reflects beautifully. I saw a green/yellow hummingbird checking if the wisteria was ready and a puppet show and a rehearsal of Tweflth Night in the park by the Space Needle (Sir Andrew Agueface was the tallest man in Illyria by dint of strapping buckets to his feet) and a violinst and a musician with either an upright zither or an autoharp and a bright green Steinway with a spray-painted orange and brown lid. Back to Pike Place Market for clam chowder and chicken wings and a peach smoothie on the grass at the end of the market in the sun, watching the ferries head across the lake and seeing the clouds drift over the mountains, and then back to the hotel and off to the airport. We dealt with my wondering whether I could take my free umbrella on the plane by forgetting it in the taxi ;-)

Avoided huge delay at security by spotting a second entrance with all of two people waiting to go through; go me! Slight delay taking off (they said mechanical, the pilot said it was because the plane he arrived on was later) and I didn't at all like seat 27A because the last row of seats are narrower. We flew practically right over Mount Rainier: a lot of snow on it and cloud slicing the top of and a sundog lighting up the cloud. Only a little late into Las Vegas but it took the usual hour to trek through the airport and get my bags and find the shuttle bus to the airport. Along the way I saw the Destined for Joy administrative offices and spotted a Trader Joes opposite the hotel so I can get something other than hotel or restaurant food. Might look for one of the vaunted buffets in town tomorrow night.

Am assuming that the scuttly beetle things on the sidewalk by the restaurant are not the horrid things I don't like because it's easier that way ;-)
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