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hic! flop! splash!

Another nice relaxing day, with an adventure. After hanging out and swapping photos and talking about the tax systems and the sodium potassium pump that powers neurons and plotting an abortive visit to Frys, I took the bus up to Juanita to walk in the park across the Corduroy Bridge where the pier supports march into the lake where the steamers used to stop. Halfway along I stopped to look at an enormous crow sitting on the rail and I noticed a fish flopping around on the floor. It was triangular in cross-section and looked both black and orange at the same time, with little tentacle things near the mouth, I thought about photographing it but decided saving it came first (as a journalist, I apologise). It was very nervous, I couldn't get it with one hand so I had to swoop down and scoop it up in both hands to fling it into the lake. This surprised the turtle and disappointed the crow. But where did this muscle-bound fish come from?

I thought the crow had dropped it, but describing it to elimlothwhen he got back from cycing, he said it was probably an Asian walking fish that was heading for the shallows; as an intrusive alien maybe throwing it back into the lake was a good thing. It could be a walking catfish (I think it looked like a catfish or more like a forest catfish) like the ones in Florida that spike your tires if you drive over them, or a snakefish which can grow to the size of a golfbag; in either case I'd be lucky I didn't get spiked and I wonder if someone needs to know it's in Lake Washington!

Maybe the heron I saw under the bridge will catch it!

Cue a nice ride into Seatlle with neraly all the downtown exits closed for resurfacing (thanks Rene!), checking in to a huge room at the W and a lovely dinner at (ahem) Shucksters: clam chowder and Steelhead (a it like salmon, a bit like trout) with goat cheese mashed potatoes and Horse Heaven Sauvignon Blanc. And now, I think, bed ;-)
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