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  • Sun, 14:38: RT @jessfraz: Day one of working with Azure Security Center was awesome, they have so much rad stuff on their roadmap!
  • Sun, 14:38: RT @JuliaDavisNews: #Russia's state TV: Vitaly Tretyakov, dean of Moscow State University's School of Television says: "The EU is already c…
  • Sun, 14:46: RT @nckroy: New sticker, I purloined it from @hawthornewest https://t.co/JWpjopm81D
  • Sun, 14:47: Self driving cars but applies equally to some other much hyped ideas� https://t.co/Cq2UvU1n7W
  • Sun, 14:54: RT @petrosoininen: We're hiring a software engineering crew to Microsoft to work with novel technology, large scale scenarios and tier-1 gl…
  • Sun, 14:55: RT @jwwweber: I gasped aloud when I hit enter in VSCode, and it added the correct Ember method import to the top automagically! I don't eve…
  • Sun, 14:59: RT @TechnicallyRon: As Nigel Farage says he is returning to frontline politics I would like to announce that I am returning to NASA as I ha…
  • Sun, 15:00: RT @GreatDismal: All imagined futures lacking recognition of anthropogenic climate-change will increasingly seem absurdly shortsighted. Vir…
  • Sun, 15:02: RT @emiel1981: The 500 million PS4 model is indeed "hot". Almost 5 degrees hotter then the original PRO. Meanwhile the XboxOneX (far more p…
  • Mon, 00:21: RT @samdylanfinch: So many companies want to be on the cutting edge and be the “cool” place to work. But I would take a comprehensive menta…
  • Mon, 00:24: RT @samdylanfinch: Every time I interview for a job, I ask recruiters, “How does this company prioritize mental health?” And most will talk…
  • Mon, 00:32: RT @TimothyS: Astonishing graphic from @CNN, identifying civilian massacres in Yemen with the bomb makers - Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and G…
  • Mon, 00:34: Underbelly? It's been disturbingly visible but Boris does take things too far as a career move� https://t.co/Cwz2qL7vLf
  • Mon, 00:35: RT @Reasons2Remain: Across #Britain millions are completely unaware about why the #EU was started, how it functions and what are its benefi…
  • Mon, 00:40: RT @TheKaybz: At a restaurant today: Kev: What is your WiFi password? Server: Well today is only my first day at this location but it’s p…
  • Mon, 00:43: If you have ever wondered if you can freeze cottage cheese (perhaps because you travel as much as we do and it's le… https://t.co/jBt2Uh9diF
  • Mon, 00:50: Always appreciate the people who pass on my content ;) https://t.co/TWnRT4mKWa


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