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  • Wed, 19:27: RT @LaurenGoode: What strikes me about this is the "we have found it does have the potential to change" part. What are the previous example…
  • Wed, 19:41: RT @franzanth: My brother asked if 'stampede' is related to millipedes and centipedes so I made this handy chart. #invertebrateshitposting
  • Wed, 19:47: RT @ByRosenberg: America historically built 3.9 houses for every 1,000 residents Now it's building just 2.6 houses for every 1,000 resident…
  • Wed, 19:51: RT @bayan_bdg: Advise from an ‘expert’ on the BBC about how to spot a terrorist: “if a person is acting odd, call the police. You’ll just…
  • Wed, 19:58: RT @stevesi: Meetings get a bad rep here because managers call meetings for the sake of their needs. That’s backwards. Meetings happen as a…
  • Wed, 20:00: RT @stevesi: The biggest challenges in time management for me have always come from managers who think my time is their time. To me that’s…
  • Wed, 20:01: walking meetings can say 'I think the meeting will be boring so I'm adding something that makes it worthwhile for m… https://t.co/rruKRlHFZP
  • Wed, 20:17: you know how I was just talking about the evolving potential of using CloudFlare Workers and storage … https://t.co/xPPfVg0Z5T
  • Wed, 20:19: make your CV relate to the role you're applying for otherwise how do they know your experience is relevant� https://t.co/ieI3d7KeHM
  • Wed, 20:23: RT @ahelwer: I didn't give a shit about linear algebra until learning quantum computing, and hated eigenvectors until learning quantum chem…
  • Wed, 20:45: RT @DormainDrewitz: When typos reveal the truth... https://t.co/PGZgsy2Wr1
  • Wed, 20:46: RT @defcon: Caesars Update: A team from DEF CON management met with Caesars on Tuesday. They are looking into the reports we presented, an…
  • Wed, 20:46: RT @dakami: Confirmed, have been approached personally. “Heh, we need to write a protocol to do this, what does it need”. Good stuff. https…
  • Wed, 20:50: BizTalk Integration Product Roadmap – BizTalk Server “vNext” expected GA within roughly 9 months of the general ava… https://t.co/8UHV6YpZdx
  • Wed, 20:56: RT @jrssnet: @ElissaBeth @deviantollam @RobertGeertsen8 Also - and it took me a bit to put my finger on what was striking my funnybone abou…
  • Wed, 20:56: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Tip for the ladies: If a man tells you to smile be sure to kick him in the balls first so you don’t have to fake your sm…
  • Wed, 20:57: RT @__rumpel: *once more with feeling* I made this thing quickly and cheaply so you can massively block the users that retweet a specific t…
  • Wed, 21:12: Captain America's journal - a lovely example of localization (I RT'd this but the original seems to have gone, so f… https://t.co/Sb7N9iahTu
  • Wed, 21:24: irony is standing there with its silent protest middle finger up at this chap https://t.co/o5arCpWHDp
  • Wed, 21:51: RT @k8em0: Another edition of unprepared vendors being uncool: voting machine maker ES&S trots out copyright infringement threats instead o…


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