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  • Sat, 23:12: This is the same progression that happened with TechEd. Eventually the cycle will be complete
  • Sun, 00:30: I think there are some points here that apply to internal people watching the public feedback process for other pro…
  • Sun, 00:31: RT @mattblaze: Getting bored with true believer “experts” who’ve spent all of 10 minutes learning how elections work but are certain that b…
  • Sun, 00:52: Lots of apps and even Windows 10 have problems with the Lenovo autorotate sensor driver; driver quality matters
  • Sun, 00:59: RT @transscribe: Having ID that matches your gender is something most people take for granted. Mismatches make life hell for trans people w…
  • Sun, 01:03: RT @sunnysingh_n6: Oh btw, it is perfectly possible to dislike the idea of covering up while fighting for women’s right to do so. Because…
  • Sun, 01:05: RT @jessamyn: Every time I read an obituary of an awesome woman in a bigtime newspaper, I check to see if they have a @Wikipedia page. Too…
  • Sun, 01:18: RT @OlgaBravoAlba: 10 most in-demand skills for #cloudcomputing roles, based on the % of job postings that contain them: 1 AWS 2 Python…
  • Sun, 01:18: RT @megelison: the safest places I know (the ones where everyone is queer and everyone is nonviolent and socialist and anti-racist and ever…
  • Sun, 01:24: RT @IanDunt: Most seats in Britain now support Remain. Trend sharpest in north England and Wales
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