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  • Fri, 19:00: RT @TashasEv: You are reminded that glasses are a disability assistive device *the moment* you try to put on a VR/AR/MR headset. #accessibi
  • Fri, 19:01: RT @LidlUK: A fruitful idea for cutting food waste: we're trialling new 5kg boxes of fruit and veg that is slightly damaged, but still perf…
  • Fri, 19:02: Waitrose used to do a similar (slightly smaller) version of this; it's a sign of significant austerity as well as a… https://t.co/oZ5ENnkiSx
  • Fri, 19:04: I've been wondering whether any publisher made Jonathan Swift apologize for his modest proposal before they would c… https://t.co/QvFqPW7Gge
  • Fri, 19:05: RT @LaurenGoode: To those who are now using the subject line "Trillion Dollar Apple" to pitch products that are unrelated to that subject,…
  • Fri, 19:06: I don't remember it saying "doctors with less experience and fewer qualifications" on the side of the bus https://t.co/k1dGvNipPW
  • Fri, 19:10: RT @RStarDinoPirate: I have been saying for ages that the massive uptick in bigoted anti trans rhetoric is being partly fanned by anti-fem…
  • Fri, 19:13: Microsoft similarly could let go of the need to catch up with the "cool kids" and do things that don't hit number o… https://t.co/zVYhDSMUr3
  • Fri, 19:13: RT @GCHQ: ❓ | Can't wait for #GCHQPuzzleBook2? Here's a sneak preview of what to expect: https://t.co/ZOMTCUyILV
  • Fri, 19:15: RT @marjorie_bark: OK let's give Mumsnet the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it's not possible to run a chat forum for women without huge big…
  • Fri, 19:16: Even pictures don't help those who refuse to look at reality https://t.co/tSOh7rnGk9
  • Fri, 19:18: RT @movie_goofs: @MoiFollowingMe The New Yorker (1993) Factual error The cartoon caption "on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" is i…
  • Fri, 19:25: Hey Seattle; we start our drive south to silicon valley today, leaving you to your regular weather programming. Las… https://t.co/4VkqUiYw0c
  • Fri, 19:25: RT @ameschright: I’m setting up an online code of conduct workshop and I’d like to hear from people who are interested. This is a good step…
  • Fri, 19:30: Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and Google accounting for about 73% of the total market - sorry IBM... https://t.co/5PfCSsxigU
  • Sat, 06:23: Road trip straw report. San Jose to Seattle via Oregon. Most places still have straws in eg iced coffee. *none*"of… https://t.co/vNar8uBaEW
  • Sat, 06:25: RT @jennifercobbe: Someone should probably tell the Telegraph that schools other than Eton do in fact exist. Some of them even let girls in…
  • Sat, 06:27: RT @CalumSPlath: Bertrand Russell demolished all these hot takes on why debating the far-right is the only way to defeat it when he decline…
  • Sat, 07:38: RT @jameslew: Okay, now that the Surface Go is here; Kindle & Comixology have the perfect device to target with a native app. #justsayin
  • Sat, 07:40: RT @cjane87: Once again, if calling you racist makes you become more interested in being racist, you were in the car on the way there anywa…


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