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  • Wed, 07:19: RT @alexgruzen: @Recode @karaswisher We were so close in vision, yet years away in hardware & networks. Humbling & frustrating & inspiring…
  • Wed, 07:22: I really dislike the false choices presented in jokey 'matevertising'; of *course* I want extra air miles, I just k… https://t.co/s8v1g43qG3
  • Wed, 07:22: RT @MavenOfMayhem: Teaching kids about gender and sexual orientation doesn’t confuse them. It merely gives them words to describe how they’…
  • Wed, 07:24: oh, did you think cloud advocates were just for developer tools? � https://t.co/sW3Hiux1Gs
  • Wed, 07:34: RT @everywhereist: I tried talking to my Twitter abusers. Here's what happened. https://t.co/zS8HPFjpQV
  • Wed, 07:37: RT @kelseyhightower: Serverless platforms and Kubernetes are just tools that enable people to build and ship things, both approaches offer…
  • Wed, 07:40: RT @zaid: A major perk of being at @Cloudflare is that you can have a long conversation about crypto without hearing words like “token” or…
  • Wed, 07:41: RT @DadisGrumpy: Miracle in Costco: Judgemental lady: Ugh. Are you buying FORMULA so you can drink all that WINE? *Looks at crying twins,…
  • Wed, 07:53: RT @auchenberg: We, the @code team, are looking into ways to improve the @code + Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) experience on your Windo…
  • Wed, 07:54: RT @Knhannah: Looking through projects funded by Govt to unlock curious minds. STOP FIXING GIRLS AND START FIXING THE EFFING SYSTEM. 'g…
  • Wed, 07:56: RT @JoelGord: My favorite thing about reality TV is that it began as a union-busting tactic by studios to get non-guild writers and perform…
  • Wed, 07:58: one of the big changes at Microsoft recently; working remotely used to be rare - now there are fairly large teams w… https://t.co/zeEPEztPDu


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