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Rock Bitch

They're a sex magic all girl goth rock band and a commune (men and women in the commune) whose aim is to sexualise the audience and the BBC has put an Irish convent-educated girl in with them; she goes to a concert, stays at their commune house in France and meets them in Amsterdam to play on stage and watch them have sex in a sex shop with a bunch of the customers as a sacrament. The group has a great dynamic, but the presenter really doesn't get poly (keeps asking about jealousy and can't believe it couldn't be a problem) and does get any of the sex stuff at all, as far as I can see. The narration must be done at the end and really distances her from the connection she seems to be making with them in the film. I loved the way she described the Golden Condom competition (the band throws a condom into the audience and takes the lucky winner backstage); it comes to the end of the concert, the band is bouncing around backstage "and there was still Tim to come" as the presenter put it, without noticing how large her entendre had got ;-)

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