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  • Sun, 23:20: Road trip day one; leaving San Jose and the hills are golden and grey with dried grass. 83f outside and the rental… https://t.co/A8CCc8hnns
  • Mon, 07:34: RT @shanselman: Every year we do "Standards of Business" Training at work. Usually it's vignettes and a quiz, but the last few years it's b…
  • Mon, 07:36: RT @HackneyAbbott: Sharon Vitalis, whose father came to UK with Windrush generation and served in the RAF for 13 years, set to be removed f…
  • Mon, 07:44: RT @Pinboard: Cautionary tale: I took my MacBook Pro in to get the defective keyboard replaced. Apple store techs broke the logic board whe…
  • Mon, 07:54: RT @ryanqnorth: Google recently taught its AI assistant that "sure" and "okay" are synonyms... and I know this because it's recently starte…
  • Mon, 08:03: RT @juanandres_gs: Similar to Turla during the RUAG incident, it seems APT28 relied on popped Linux box as a means of persistence post-clea…
  • Mon, 08:07: J.Crew is finally getting into the plus-size game - "developed a time-intensive strategy of testing each size" that… https://t.co/svqZf6e1XT
  • Mon, 08:14: RT @eileenmcarey: One of the biggest misconceptions about Silicon Valley is that it’s liberal
  • Mon, 08:15: RT @eileenmcarey: @jessfca totally - for this purpose, using 'Silicon Valley' as the blanket term for the industry like 'Wall Street' and n…
  • Mon, 08:18: RT @MitchBenn: The reason the media won’t report THAT Pro-Tommy Robinson rally in London is because THAT rally is the anti-Mubarak occupati…
  • Mon, 08:18: RT @rebeccarmix: so. something v weird happened earlier. I was picking out lipstick at target & some older dude said in a pretty condescen…
  • Mon, 08:19: RT @rebeccarmix: I’m guessing the dudes getting mad at me have done this & now they’re uncomfortable. Good. Y’know what’s uncomfortable?…
  • Mon, 08:25: RT @RubyCosmos: @rebeccarmix People all "I miss when women could take a compliment." Dude my 90-year-old grandfather taught me AND his son…



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