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  • Sun, 19:25: RT @adigoesswimming: My teenage nephew told me he asked a girl out and she turned him down. I said, "You know what to do now, right?" He sa…
  • Sun, 21:50: Sorry Seattle, we're leaving now so my sun-bringing energy is focused on Vegas and we now return you to your regula… https://t.co/RoDfBrtmps
  • Sun, 21:56: I am struggling to think of one https://t.co/PasNj0pbhM
  • Sun, 22:35: RT @pilotcharlotte: Had such a lovely day flying with an 👌 crew. Baffled as to why 2 male pax felt that these comments were nescesarry.…
  • Sun, 22:58: RT @polotek: There is a world where you can shoot your shot with a woman, strike out really hard, and not have that experience be a deep ex…
  • Sun, 22:59: RT @polotek: Men are also taught to turn our subjective feelings into objective truths. I believe this is another way of denying our feelin…
  • Sun, 23:10: RT @Psythor: I cannot believe this stupid British GPS thing is still going on. I presume all of the bureaucrats involved are just going thr…
  • Sun, 23:15: RT @vardi: I urge you to read 'What Happens to Us Does Not Happen to Most of You,'e where Kathryn McKinley provides "a personal account of…
  • Sun, 23:19: RT @organatcam: Do you know a girl aged 11-18 who loves music? Encourage her to signup for the Cambridge Organ Experience - No prior experi…
  • Mon, 04:03: Seattle friends - in the unlikely event that @SeaTacAirport finds my wonderful green fedora in the women's restroom… https://t.co/V8IzscMixb


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