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  • Sat, 20:36: RT @mtholfsen: NEW! Now you can use a "Forms bot" (just @ mention "Forms") in @MicrosoftTeams to add a real time poll to the Conversation s…
  • Sat, 20:49: Tldr twitter has the usual range of search operators on a very slow web pages that might hang your browser for a mi… https://t.co/SNeQ2OZLCQ
  • Sat, 20:54: RT @JXB101: DEFRA apparently believe supermarket supplies to Cornwall and Scotland would be so badly disrupted within 2 weeks of a no deal…
  • Sat, 20:55: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The past wasn’t simple all the people who would object are just dead.
  • Sat, 22:55: RT @onnxai: The new @PyTorch 1.0 combines both research and production capabilities into one tool, with @ONNX tightly woven in as the nativ…
  • Sun, 02:51: Because the internet is full of katz? https://t.co/0RNTkQNPIG
  • Sun, 02:57: Lovely evening sitting on the lake at Kirkland (say that and it *will* rain); the busker has a ukelele tuned/proces… https://t.co/wiMmS3iY3x
  • Sun, 03:33: RT @methodsmanmd: 13/ The realization here is that the more untrue hypotheses are tested, the higher the rate of false positive studies. He…
  • Sun, 03:35: By age 35 you should have performed at least two eye rolls hard enough to induce a system reset
  • Sun, 03:37: RT @AbrahamHanover: Just a note that it's perfectly possible to build a full, rich and meaningful masculinity around being a poet and heale…
  • Sun, 08:47: I am starting to get *very annoyed* with how often @msonenote records silence instead of audio in Windows 10 1803;… https://t.co/Xufd8p34z1
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @seanmcarroll: Social/sexual anxiety can be as real for young men - and women - as economic or occupational anxiety. Coping strategies s…
  • Sun, 09:05: RT @SihleMthembuZA: Guys I unlocked a new love-level today. I flipped the script & wore her hoodie. All I can say is, THIS IS HOW WOMEN HAV…
  • Sun, 09:13: RT @dakami: Intellectual honesty will get you through times of no clue better than clue will get you through times of no intellectual hones…



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