Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

rainy in Seattle

After so much sun I wasn't sure it actually did rain here but there was a refreshing shower late evening. So what have I been up to?

Orlando, Florida - or rather the Marriot Resort and environs
Lots of mobile data stuff, pleasant swimming in the hotel pool complete with waterfall, some excellent food, Sam Adams dark lager, not enough sleep. My birthday - nice books, fabulous grilled shrimp, crazy pirate golf all the better for sharing with Simon.

Flying to Seattle and waving a sad goodbye to Simon; seeing the snow-coated Cascades and the sunset reflected in the lake; sitting on the doorstep for a while waiting for elimloth and then talking half the night.

Riding the bus downtown, across the lakes, gazine at the mountains. Wandering around Pike Place Market, looking at flowers and art and buying presents; clam chowder and fried chicken wings and peach lemonade and strawberries for lunch in the avaian temple gazine over the water. Getting a great deal from the nifty bead shop on the lower level of the market for shells and beads and ribbons and pearls.

Dinner at cafe flora: upscale vegetarian with vinho verde, fiddleback fern salad, quesadilla verde with sweet potato, sage and butternut polenta with blue cheese and mushrooms and fig balsamic reduction and earl grey creme brulee and chocolatey chocolate chocolateness... the moon over the blossoms in the arboretum and - er talking half half the night!

Walking in the woods behind Rene and Selene's house, with Rene taking us down trails and over streams; a green oasis just minutes from the Interstate. Tea shopping. Stringing beads onto ribbons to make a hair wrap. A hot pork sandwich from Whole Foods and an afternoon with the books and the cats and uploading pictures to Flickr (thanks my darling!) (do take a look) and a passion fruit peach scone. And it's time for dinner!
Tags: food, travel

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