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  • Sun, 13:23: RT @TimandraHarknes: @DAaronovitch I’ve had so many guys tell me that x human dating behaviour is natural & evolved to give y advantage to…
  • Sun, 13:23: RT @TimandraHarknes: @DAaronovitch I guess millennia ago, on the African savannah, there was an evolutionary advantage to believing implaus…
  • Sun, 13:26: I can believe that BoJo is an idiot, Corbyn stands way too much on principle &that bombing Syria for attacking its own people might not help
  • Sun, 13:27: RT @7piliers: Portugal’s radical drugs policy is working. Why hasn’t the world copied it? https://t.co/7FGjlaM8H6
  • Sun, 13:29: RT @carolecadwalla: BREAKING: Invoice shows Cambridge Analytica did do work on Brexit. A year of denials and legal letters and a hugely con…
  • Sun, 13:31: RT @carolecadwalla: So, look, have you got this? Because it's IMPORTANT. Work was DONE. By Cambridge Analytica. On Brexit. We have the INVO…
  • Sun, 13:32: RT @dakami: "Not designed to" and "Designed not to" do not actually mean the same thing!
  • Sun, 13:32: RT @orinthomas: @sbisson Have you read "The Glass Cage"? https://t.co/JC7xB3leAW Author talks about studies that look at this particular pr…
  • Mon, 01:17: I'm pleased with the way the hard drive platter mosaic is going; slightly slower progress this weekend, though I st… https://t.co/lWRh9XJa3H
  • Mon, 02:30: RT @radiomorillo: This. That some security experts continue to see end users as somehow separate from their work is a huge problem. We all…
  • Mon, 02:30: RT @OliverBullough: Dear Companies House, if you're reading this, please look into the fraudulent misuse of limited partnerships, which hav…
  • Mon, 11:44: RT @GuitarMoog: I'd imagine EU27 leaders and MEPs are watching UKGov's appalling treatment of the #windrush generation, and its unwillingne…
  • Mon, 11:47: Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived In Britain between 1948 to 1971 - this parliamentary petition about… https://t.co/0oR2CVtVga


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