Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Arrivings (eventually)

yawwwwwwn! The flight to Orlando was delayed by four hours (and we got to the airport at 10.30 for a 12.30 flight so it was a long time till the 4.45 takeoff!). We slept a chunk on the flight and were awake enough to pick up the hire car and drive down the toll road and (eventually) find the hotel. I mean, we could see it, shining all red and green towers) but finding the road that actually went to it was another thing. Checked in like a zombie and had a really really good tuna melt from room service, with fries that *tasted nice* and a not-bad caesar salad. Slept till dawn (I could see the tint of pre-dawn in the sky so I closed the curtains and zonked out again till 8.30). The breakfast buffet here is nice; pick and mix omelettes, everything from blintzes to waffles to french toast to biscuits and gravy, a really nice mix of fresh fruit, Krispy Kreme donuts, chocolate milk, about 15 kinds of bread and pastry and bagel... the hotel is driving close to Disney and the hundred other resorts but not really walking close to anything so I think my afternoon break will be in the outdoor pool. Simon has driven on to his conference in Sarasota and I'm going to do a smidge of work before mu first interview...
Tags: food, travel

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