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My tweets

  • Sun, 13:22: RT @ThatWendyLee: Ed Miliband wasn't a racist, nor was Kinnock, Smith, Foot, or even Blair. So why are we supposed to be so in awe that Cor…
  • Mon, 01:32: More progress on the hard drive mosaic; filling in the vines with tiles and CD-R pieces https://t.co/ntSRpcxD06
  • Mon, 01:37: Easier to see the progress in these before and after shots - yesterday evening and this evening https://t.co/y60vrBufni
  • Mon, 01:38: RT @sarahmei: It turns out that to escape the proverbial “box,” you need people who experience the world in a fully different way - people…
  • Mon, 01:59: RT @lakiw: #KNOWidentity notes: The blockchain panel was fairly unanimous that “Identity on the blockchain” push was being driven by the bl…
  • Mon, 01:59: RT @lakiw: #KNOWidentity notes: Unspoken subtext of the blockchain panel. Identity experts are trying really hard to marry blockchain and i…
  • Mon, 02:00: RT @shanselman: Useful new DNS servers to speed up your internet. Also, helpfully not a prank.
  • Mon, 02:04: RT @RealSexyCyborg: When someone 1000x your size is punching down on you- and refuses to have any sort of dialog about it, they don't get t…
  • Mon, 02:10: RT @leejquinn: Kinda sad that today is the only day of the year that people critically evaluate stuff they read on the internet.


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