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  • Tue, 14:41: And we're off; see you on UK time!
  • Tue, 14:41: Oh look, all my delayed tweets make the flight home look instantaneous ;)
  • Tue, 23:10: RT @stephblucker: Instead of fun, let's talk useful: Download @Wunderlist, connect account to #Cortana, place device near kitchen. That way…
  • Tue, 23:10: RT @WDSecurity: Poisoned #p2p update found responsible for the massive #Dofoil #coinminer distribution campaign. Read our latest analysis.…
  • Tue, 23:11: RT @markhachman: Where we're ending the day at right now as far as AMD, CTS and Ryzenfall are concerned: these may be valid vulnerabilities…
  • Tue, 23:20: RT @timeyoutakeit: Our team has been working hard on this for the last few months. So excited to share Xamarin docs on @docsmsft! https://t…
  • Tue, 23:21: RT @jepayneMSFT: This instance shows how antivirus is still a key component in a defense in depth strategy in 2018, as it protected users f…
  • Tue, 23:22: RT @jepayneMSFT: Update poisoning/supply chain attacks have traditionally been called 'advanced' techniques used for targeted attacks, but…
  • Tue, 23:26: Cloudflare Bets On ARM Servers as It Expands Its Data Center Network: ~31 data centres in 31 days and I did *not* p… https://t.co/jZiCg5o88P
  • Wed, 11:34: RT @Mitch_NAU: @MarkDiStef imagine thinking Stephen Hawking was "cut a bit of slack". Jesus Christ. He dragged science forward on his shoul…
  • Wed, 11:44: RT @sophaskins: There are no good engineers who only pay attention to code There are no good engineers who only think about technologies Th…
  • Wed, 11:45: RT @EricaJoy: Can someone point me to the tech CEO's condemning the terrorist attacks on PoC in Austin and the blog posts from same about h…
  • Wed, 11:54: RT @trodrigues: If you’re a JS dev, and specially if you care about the evolution of the language, make sure you fill this survey https://t…
  • Wed, 11:55: RT @mims: NYC-based hedge fund accused of bleeding dry large swath of Anerica’s local papers https://t.co/4LaS83PYhM
  • Wed, 11:56: RT @a__cubed: Well he was a pretty rational fellow, given to looking at evidence and considering its implications, so of course he felt tha…


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