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  • Wed, 18:32: for all of you strange strange people that asked for this ;) https://t.co/0CAnIEPHuj
  • Wed, 18:34: RT @rrelyea: ProjectN==.Net native Does AOT (ahead of time) compilation, as opposed to JIT
  • Wed, 18:36: RT @mtholfsen: NEW! #OneNote now supports @flat_io and @TechSmith Screencast, plus more Class Notebook assignment and grade integrations, i…
  • Wed, 20:23: It's ok, Alexa is just haunted. Be glad it's laughing not screaming
  • Wed, 20:23: RT @Lee_Holmes: If the risk is legitimate, 6 months (on average) unfettered access to a private key is FAR too long. If the risk is not leg…
  • Wed, 20:24: RT @Lee_Holmes: But we continue to expire SSL certs yearly to protect against attackers stealing the private keys from a server and perform…
  • Wed, 20:25: RT @riptari: Catharsis is responding to a Skype survey asking for product feedback 😂
  • Wed, 20:25: RT @johnshew: The CSE team analyzed how Hierarchical Attention Neural Networks could be helpful with malware detection & classification sce…
  • Wed, 20:42: RT @jessitron: There is no silver bullet because we’re not trying to kill things. We’re trying to build a living, adapting system.
  • Wed, 20:44: RT @ashleymcnamara: Always work for someone who has your back. I just turned down a speaking gig because the organizer suggested I bring…
  • Thu, 06:40: RT @kwuchu: My little sister introduced me to a young man who is trying to find Junior Software Engineering positions in New York City. Doe…
  • Thu, 06:43: RT @TheDaveCA: @troyhunt @Scott_Helme Also worth remembering, this wouldn’t have happened with certificates with short lifetimes as they wo…
  • Thu, 06:44: RT @DennisCode: 🔥 Put together a script to migrate @docsmsft ideas from UserVoice to @github - here are the details: https://t.co/x1NviyFC
  • Thu, 06:45: RT @bterlson: Poll is done: 69% want to break the web, while 31% want to explore other options. Some (possibly unpopular 😈) thoughts follow…
  • Thu, 06:45: RT @bterlson: Yes, for various reasons breaking changes are necessary. Sometimes data can show the impact is nil, but in general you should…
  • Thu, 06:46: RT @bterlson: Breaking the web doesn't harm most of us developers. We are heavy users of the modern web. But from a platform perspective, a…
  • Thu, 06:57: RT @RickByers: @TheLarkInn @claudiordgz @paul_irish That is, I believe it's in Google's best interest to sometimes trade short-term Chrome…
  • Thu, 07:14: RT @troyhunt: Brotli compression is now enabled for Pwned Passwords! @cloudflare flicked the switch to support text/plain and check out the…
  • Thu, 07:29: do the maths for me; if you get 45 points after a 3 day streak & 75 points after a 7 day streak surely it's best to only do 3 day streaks?


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