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  • Wed, 01:54: RT @joeyaiello: Just posted an RFC that proposes slightly changing the installation path of PowerShell Core on Windows, so that we can supp…
  • Wed, 03:44: RT @JonathanGiles: Two Microsoft Java SDK releases in one�day https://t.co/TIZDKfX7zL
  • Wed, 03:47: RT @MaxKriegerVG: Perhaps the most impressive Metreon tenant was "The Airtight Garage" - an arcade named after the comic series by legendar…
  • Wed, 03:50: I've been looking for pix of the very first Microsoft store; created by the same person who later did the Apple sto… https://t.co/KlLQ6dPD4J
  • Wed, 03:50: RT @MaxKriegerVG: This particular shot embodies those late 90s techno optimistic utopianism similar to DisneyQuest. How cool must it have b…
  • Wed, 03:55: RT @jmezach: Just upgraded my #dotnetcore app to 2.1-preview1. Really smooth experience. Back up and running in @Docker containers in no ti…
  • Wed, 03:59: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Congratulations to me, figuring out a way to turn an Exchange Transport Rules thread into something about sewage treat…
  • Wed, 04:00: RT @practicingdev: It isn't technical debt if you aren't... 1) Leveraging it to get something valuable up front 2) Paying interest on it r…
  • Wed, 04:07: RT @OrdQuelu: Money isn't speech. It is an amplifier. It is a tool the powerful use to oppress the rest of us. By getting it declared speec…
  • Wed, 04:07: RT @k8em0: Her TED talk is brilliant and very relevant in exactly this way. https://t.co/hSHGyAV4is
  • Wed, 04:09: RT @mitchellh: Who else has been getting charged <$1 by AWS every month for unknown reasons and have just accepted that you’re gonna pay AW…
  • Wed, 06:03: RT @NoureenSyed: Curious about #quantum? Check out the updates to our Quantum Development Kit The team has updated with support for Linux…


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