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  • Wed, 17:11: RT @Delafina777: Yeah, some of this is uncomfortably reminiscent of those "look at this hero kid who worked 60 hours a week to get his mom…
  • Wed, 17:23: RT @Lollardfish: Hey I wrote a pretty good column on the "gig economy" and disability, framed around Uber and Airbnb screwing everyone over…
  • Wed, 18:16: did you know that you can Ctrl-C copy the information out of many Windows error messages? if not and you'd like tho…
  • Wed, 18:17: when you catch the cat *just* before he throws up on the carpet and he stops horking and wanders off and you wonder WHERE TO?
  • Wed, 18:18: RT @gordondev: Okay, Columbus peeps -- if you've worked for Nationwide, I'd like to hear your thoughts on your time there. Found a job lead…
  • Wed, 18:18: RT @mikebaz: This is why we practically beg customers to join the Windows Insider program. We really want the feedback. (*) (*) I underst…
  • Wed, 18:21: RT @MPalermiti: We’re looking for an experienced product manager to help us create the future of *mobile* email, calendar and more. We work…
  • Wed, 18:21: RT @destructeds: "internet friendships are not real" rt if this is a lie and you've made amazing friends on the internet
  • Wed, 18:21: RT @StephEvz43: @alicegoldfuss Someone just tweeted #BotsAndPrayers at me, and I lost it. 😂
  • Wed, 18:24: RT @MichaelCollier: Sync SQL data in large scale using Azure SQL Data Sync #Azure
Tags: #azure, #botsandprayers, #microsoftteams, twitter

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