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  • Tue, 12:18: I can both completely understand everything the Windows team says about developing and prioritising features AND ne… https://t.co/HDzBn1aoqp
  • Tue, 13:17: full review coming but I am *very* impressed with this just from unpacking it; both delightful and very practical.… https://t.co/uw1Qqf8p0a
  • Tue, 13:56: when you need a social media policy for employees AND you're a social media platform� https://t.co/EBkx5pSA3b
  • Tue, 14:27: especially if the name is say, one of my colleagues writing for someone else ;)� https://t.co/Iwz2PuvocX
  • Tue, 14:31: RT @RebeccaPoulson: If your engineering team genuinely can't support junior developers, try re-phrasing the problem "This candidate's too j…
  • Tue, 14:31: RT @garrethhayes: And the Brexiteer delusion is that by getting rid of the EU they can live in a simpler world /6
  • Tue, 15:24: RT @timheuer: I am looking for the ideal candidate to lead our AI/ML advocacy efforts. If this is you or someone you know my DMs are open!…
  • Tue, 15:27: RT @Tyriar: Terminal splitting is basically complete in the @code Insiders, new stuff: - Split multiple times along one dimension - Panes…
  • Tue, 15:27: RT @DormainDrewitz: One more follower and I’ll have the year Isabella and Ferdinand got hitched!! 🤴🏻👸🏻🇪🇸
  • Tue, 15:34: RT @SolHughesWriter: Corbyn is a Czech Agent / Corbyn must release his Stasi file/Corbyn Traitor are bonkers. But they are an attempt to c…
  • Tue, 16:20: RT @cstross: As a consumer, this is how I roll. As an trad-pub author, I'm looking over my shoulder, constantly. Expressions of negativism…
  • Tue, 16:27: RT @TashaDrew: Super cool work, congrats to the team! Inspec is an open source project that allows you to automate compliance rules and po…
  • Tue, 16:27: RT @dislekcia: Okay, indie games twitter is talking about diversity and learning from successful developers and, inevitably, African devs h…
  • Tue, 16:33: RT @colinpennkenny: @cstross @JulietMEvans Border force officers take approx 18 mths to train. The agency are starting the process to take…
  • Tue, 16:33: RT @fxshaw: A worthy thread by @jayrosen_nyu, to which I would add -- protect your audience from those who seek to deceive or confuse -- mo…
  • Tue, 16:34: RT @jayrosen_nyu: 8/ What it costs to do this work. Calculating and sharing with the users of it the per unit costs of outstanding works of…
  • Tue, 16:38: one reason why getting things like Jenkins as a cloud service is a good idea; someone else handles the security� https://t.co/Hy901ex6qp
  • Wed, 00:48: RT @gabrtv: Important thread on service mesh technology. https://t.co/auyxF8698g
  • Wed, 00:50: RT @caitefa: In a movie with zero subtlety elsewhere, the filmmakers envisioned one of the overlooked pitfalls of privatization as the deat…
  • Wed, 00:56: RT @BlogWood: @AP @mattdpearce The Florida House also just voted to declare pornography a “health risk.” Priorities.


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