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  • Sun, 13:25: RT @WhyToVoteGreen: Jacob Rees-Mogg failed to declare his firm's ££££ investments in tobacco and oil & gas firms when speaking in support o…
  • Sun, 13:26: Well, effective might be a bit of an undeserved compliment
  • Sun, 13:26: RT @JMPSimor: @tobyh45 Unfortunately, there is no requirement for MPs to disclose their investments and all Ministers have to do is put the…
  • Sun, 13:26: RT @JoePajak: Please retweet if you think it’s time Jeremy Corbyn ruled IN a second Brexit referendum, and in doing so rules IN the support…
  • Sun, 13:26: RT @ajmpolite: The Economist writes that "most Remainers concede that Brexit should go ahead". Surely not? Please RT if you disagree with T…
  • Mon, 01:33: @JenMsft found something I had to go to control panel for; deleting a second account from a PC (which actually seems to have hung)
  • Mon, 01:48: RT @thegrugq: OH: “The chance of AV legit detecting you is 0%. The chance the AV does something stupid that fucks you up and causes a crash…
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