Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

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  • Sun, 00:43: RT @Carnage4Life: @nytimes Reality is that Twitter is incentivized to turn a blind eye to fake followers because it creates an illusion the…
  • Sun, 00:45: RT @UniofOxford: Suffragetto: The only surviving copy of an Edwardian-era board game pitching suffragettes against policemen is to go on di…
  • Sun, 01:02: RT @HeerJeet: Mort Walker, RIP. He was the last cartoonist personally hired by William Randolph Hearst, so our last link to the great age o…
  • Sun, 01:06: RT @ninjininji: Pro tip: don’t leave your badge for work hanging from the rear view mirror of your car. Now I have license plate, model, pl…
Tags: #accessibility, #eudataprotection, #microsoftteams, #vr, #windowsmr, twitter

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