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  • Thu, 12:05: RT @bolaagbaje: woke up expecting (naive of me) to see Daniel Kaluuya face plastered everywhere! WHY??? Cos he is the bloody first UNDER 30…
  • Thu, 12:07: RT @nickjamesmorris: “When companies start to apologise, they start to change things to fend off impending regulation” - Aliya Ram, FT #tec
  • Thu, 13:14: So we should be sure to speak up and tell the UK prosecution service that they're absurdly and dangerously out of t… https://t.co/3jdOdPUuIh
  • Thu, 13:14: RT @mrjamesob: We just asked @DExEUgov whether @DavidDavisMP had really spent the entire referendum campaign ignorant of the most basic rul…
  • Thu, 13:21: RT @matthewwarren: There's a great summary in this post 'Async methods performance 101' https://t.co/S3TNh9bdzZ some nice tips for when/how…
  • Thu, 13:21: RT @katecrawford: And the gap between our technical capabilities and human awareness of their impact is widening - fast. https://t.co/w6jJF
  • Thu, 13:57: RT @ellardent: So sure, we should be looking at diversity in hiring for all the good, just reasons - the failure to make opportunities equa…
  • Thu, 14:08: woohoo! remembered just in time to make sure @sbisson and I will be at #MonkiGras next week; always glad when we're… https://t.co/jk0KDv5aY3
  • Thu, 14:26: not going to name the consultancy whose response to the data ethics news includes "ultimately ethics must be balanced with functionality"
  • Thu, 14:30: RT @JamesMelville: A Brexiter recently stated that I am wasting my time calling for a second EU referendum. He claimed that support for a…


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