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it isn't big but it is clever

I've been learning how to create Windows Media Player skins, so I've now got a nice thin one with the track details, basic buttons, playlist dropdown and shuffle, all against a sort of snakeskin background... and it detects my music! So I keep clicking Detect Music again and again ;-)
I heavily adapted a skin I've been using and stole bits from the skins that come with the player. They're much easier to work with than the sample skins that come with the Media Player SDK because a) they're not butt ugly and b) they do useful things. The SDK is a nice help file desperately in need of more sample code. And the language is XML so it's really fairly straightforward. if I was really artistic I could make it look good too. And the only thing that stops me sitting here tweaking all night is that it's a really clunky 'compile' process. Update XML file; pick a different skin; rename the skin file back to a ZIP; add the updated XML file; rename the ZIP back to a skin file and pick that skin to test it. I want a button that does it and a visual design tool!

Next stop, customising the fabby Dave's Search Bar to look less clunky.

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