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  • Wed, 13:49: This has the advantages and disadvantages of ads; the subsidy is good but they need to police the ads more (& have… https://t.co/69ipeaqhvR
  • Wed, 13:51: RT @rakyll: The secret behind many great engineering organizations is how they answer this question. "Are you rewarding people for buildin…
  • Wed, 14:02: RT @_MG_: @Viss @2Dogs1Tone @MlleLicious There is a huge not-being-a-shit-place-to-work shortage being disguised as a talent shortage.
  • Wed, 14:03: RT @SassyOutwater: So you know all those emoji and punctuation marks in your Twitter names get read aloud by screen readers, right? If it t…
  • Wed, 14:20: RT @Far_Right_Watch: A little context for the Toby Young appointment : Under current guidelines his views, writings and posts would preclud…
  • Wed, 14:23: RT @valkyriekaren: @soapachu "Everyone's being so mean to me because I'm right-wing!". No Toby, it's because you're a nasty foulmouthed lit…
  • Wed, 14:24: RT @Nick_Craver: Ingredients: 1. 128GB of RAM 2. Fresh boot (I was 1,200 miles away) 3. An Electron app https://t.co/t5bK3AZdxf
  • Wed, 14:26: That's pretty much what the head of diversity said at Apple, right before she left the job. Barrel, scraped. https://t.co/5DGnforuM5
  • Wed, 14:28: RT @sunny_hundal: This is the man our govt thinks is right to lead in Higher Education. Enough with the other straw-men, THIS is why he is…
  • Wed, 15:33: I missed sharing this before the holidays: how Azure Stack is getting used as a hybrid platform for edge computing,… https://t.co/qbowCxjyWa
  • Wed, 16:40: hey @LauraCatPJs @MasterDevwi another one for my #OneNote wishlist; I'd love to clip LinkedIn SlideShare slides/presentations straight to ON
  • Wed, 16:50: I haven't had to think about thunking in a long time; thanks Intel!
  • Wed, 16:53: grrrr; Alexa is *really bad* at multi-room. a command in one room turns the volume down on music playing in ANOTHER room ;(
  • Wed, 16:56: if I'd done predictions, I'd have said heterogeneous hardware in cloud data centers will be a big thing; we're past… https://t.co/18lzhk596I
  • Wed, 16:57: RT @1BendyKat: “I’m shocked” said no disabled person ever. https://t.co/cMwu0Zv9KI
  • Wed, 17:00: RT @sesmith: Fellow journos, I cannot stress enough that when interviewing disabled people, flexibility re:format (phone/email/Skype) will…
  • Wed, 17:00: RT @brianleroux: serverless is referring to an absence of the metaphor of a server in your codebase 🦉 (not the absence of servers in your…
  • Wed, 17:07: don't forget the puns! KC had me at EHLO... plus if there's something you love at Microsoft she probably helped bui… https://t.co/bUQXRtmhmP
  • Wed, 18:10: I've seen people criticize AMP for this; now it's being treated as precedent. monocultures have impacts https://t.co/qhnIIPsXEm
  • Wed, 18:37: RT @aionescu: The question on everyone's minds: Does MacOS fix the Intel #KPTI Issue? Why yes, yes it does. Say hello to the "Double Map" s…


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