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  • Tue, 13:16: RT @ibenstewart: oh hey, @CityHoldings is looking for some eager & talented web developers to join the team. if you know anyone ping them m…
  • Tue, 13:26: RT @skimbrel: Another interesting thing in here: employers must disclose *their* pay scales to applicants, on “reasonable request”. So… w…
  • Tue, 13:29: Google is an ad company. as long as ad money is the first priority, responsibility looks like an expensive and dist… https://t.co/lDhy8B9Z4z
  • Tue, 13:30: RT @edpetrie: I mean, can you imagine the outcry if CBBC gave presenters a platform to show kids footage of suicide victims? But YouTube le…
  • Tue, 17:17: RT @pamelarosiedee: Jan 2nd - the black swan return-to-work event your ‘learning’ thermostat somehow didn’t foresee ⏰
  • Tue, 17:29: also delightful deconstruction of transhumanism/singularity religion but shame abt skipping rise of feminism which… https://t.co/LCruTBL7ZL
  • Tue, 17:57: The Lipson-Shiu Corporate Type Test - the only personality test I've ever enjoyed taking (am I really an ILUG? yeah) https://t.co/TvLm87gFxl
  • Tue, 18:31: RT @getwired: Preview of what’s sure to be a useful tool... https://t.co/Oa9XSKmj09
  • Tue, 18:40: RT @itzzkait: The bakers also leaked the gay couples information and address and had them receiving hate mail. Literally all they had to do…
  • Tue, 18:52: RT @noodlefrenzy: We did this maybe a month or two after the #CycleGAN paper hit - it was so great working with @GettyImages, loved that th…
  • Tue, 18:52: RT @tomjohnson: I made a graphic showing all the different groups in an organization that typically use documentation as a tool in their jo…
  • Tue, 18:52: RT @rahmstorf: The polar vortex used to fence in cold Arctic air masses and keep them over the pole. Not any more. Why it’s getting unstabl…
  • Tue, 18:53: RT @mjg59: It's 2018 so it's time to go through your Linkedin recruiter spam and ask all the ones in California what the pay scale for the…
  • Tue, 19:09: step 0 is have that info in AAD of course ;) will also show up in Bing for Business etc https://t.co/DLDXN5LtkK
  • Wed, 01:30: Me, when logging in with my Microsoft account *replaces the Skype UI with the MSA website* cc @peterskillman becaus… https://t.co/TBSddVxFuo
  • Wed, 01:32: RT @ashleygodbold: I shipped 7 video games (in which I was the sole programmer) on 4 different game engines in 2017. I’m a 34 yo mom. Ladi…
  • Wed, 01:35: RT @markrussinovich: Just published Sysmon v7, which includes file version information and can dump old configuration schema versions. http…
  • Wed, 01:44: My first fandom (sending off for the Star Wars fan club didn't really count); watch for the stories not the budget/… https://t.co/BFXQNWsAVh
  • Wed, 01:57: I wish the client on my platform had this. Please use this everyone! https://t.co/2kjOimgSII
  • Wed, 02:02: RT @DynamicWebPaige: The original source code for Microsoft Word was open-sourced, and it is a gift. ❤️ This is just as delightful as looki…


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