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  • Sun, 15:08: Little Oracle gift for Christmas
  • Sun, 15:17: RT @markrendle: I can download MIT-licensed source code and build the C# compiler, the .NET runtime, the framework and an editor from Githu…
  • Sun, 15:26: RT @jrauser: My son's a little worried that Santa may skip our house because he was sometimes bad this year. I explained that Santa uses a…
  • Sun, 15:27: RT @MalwareTechBlog: If you google my real name + Twitter, this account is the first result even though it doesn't mention my real name any…
  • Sun, 15:37: RT @Sustainable2050: Last night, lots of wind produced over 60% of German electricity, pushing prices into negative territory, forcing lign…
  • Sun, 15:38: RT @manwhohasitall: THREE CHEERS for women who willingly give up their own free time to help their husbands to decorate, wrap, bake, clean,…
  • Sun, 16:55: RT @dakami: @Apple The implicit feature of Autocorrect is "We are sufficiently confident about the correct spelling of this word that we ca…
  • Sun, 18:03: the fact that Yahoo won't let me sign into flickr without giving them a phone number means I am never going to use flickr ever again
  • Sun, 20:19: I got an extra Christmas present from the Die Hard script writer this year ;)
  • Sun, 23:35: Seasoned Greetings everyone! enjoy a year in photos from me & @sbisson photos details & previous years' cards at
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