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  • Wed, 17:49: I really hope Twitter has finally started to listen to those internal calls that 'we have to be better than this' https://t.co/76xL0tqc3d
  • Wed, 18:05: urban foxes are so noisy; it's either an orgy or a massacre out there
  • Wed, 18:11: RT @WinObs: Whoa - the Storage scanning tool for cleaning up disk space checks many more spots to free up storage space in Build #17063 htt…
  • Wed, 18:12: offline PWAs (web apps) must matter to Apple; I know the Edge team is very keen on them https://t.co/GFCzsXwNLZ
  • Wed, 18:13: this is going to be important for the EU (& one more thing for the UK to try and keep up with) https://t.co/1ss4Jhd3ji
  • Wed, 18:14: RT @mehedih_: About time! https://t.co/PZ3fg1gc5L
  • Wed, 19:50: geese flying nosily past the night the worldwide reading of The Dark Is Rising starts and I think 'that's a bit early for the hellhounds'
  • Wed, 21:07: if you don't want to use the DC/OS option in ACS https://t.co/FBEh35FCdd
  • Wed, 21:09: RT @rupertg: A Short Observation On Five-Fingered Reshuffles. Damien Green has lost his briefs And how that must have rankled His hands-on…
  • Wed, 21:14: RT @gabrtv: Sometimes the best way to unlock new customer-facing innovation is to re-imagine the components we consider commodity and unint…
  • Wed, 21:55: the end of the year is a time to celebrate your own achievements and highlight those of others. I pay homage! https://t.co/ojZc5KKpY9
  • Thu, 02:53: RT @KimJohnson__: If you’re in a position to stand up for someone being insulted for their weight, their race, their ability or disability…
  • Thu, 02:55: Jokes about Microsoft product names go back a long way https://t.co/8BCTPGlkJ9
  • Thu, 02:58: RT @funcOfJoe: Span<T> lands in .NET! We began this journey in Midori 10 years ago, a magical elixir of perf and safety. A heartfelt congra…
  • Thu, 03:03: It's certainly a new skill set to acquire to get the benefits of isolation, but so are all the new abstractions https://t.co/3f6HRPvKSS
  • Thu, 03:04: RT @tqbf: @harper I work in this space, obviously, and literally the only thing I now know about Keeper Security is that they SUED DAN GOOD…


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