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  • Mon, 13:25: RT @mwest_: @janl It's also interesting to see those newly rich from crypto currencies indulge in nonsense "decentralisation" projects (mos…
  • Mon, 13:29: RT @zeynep: The next coin whatever should just name itself tulip coin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Mon, 13:31: RT @mountain_ghosts: you, unsophisticated: I have eaten the plums me, with subtitles: je suis nom de plumes
  • Mon, 13:37: the threat to fall back to no brexit hasn't got the DUP to fall into line https://t.co/xPNHf8cU3K
  • Mon, 13:40: And London where it could rescue the finance industry. Federate the UK https://t.co/xhHvsNUzDu
  • Mon, 13:41: RT @cstross: Either the Brexit program is disintegrating or we're going to have a general election within 3 months. With Labour already 7 p…
  • Mon, 13:42: RT @MSmithsonPB: Survation MoS poll showing a 16 point lead for a second Brexit referendum is the first time any pollster has recorded back…
  • Mon, 13:42: RT @RichardJMurphy: So much for May’s negotiating skills. At 11am the Republic were demanding regulatory alignment for NI from the UK. At 1…
  • Mon, 13:44: All it takes to be an MP is votes (and the money to campaign for them? ) https://t.co/xM7VHjRXcK
  • Mon, 13:49: RT @cory_foy: Friends: Do you know of a great female Engineering / IT leader looking for a CTO role? Remote company doing some really cool…
  • Mon, 22:31: RT @paulrobichaux: @richardhicks Audio: great. Skype and O365 integration: nicely done. smarthome integration: C- at best. I like it and am…
  • Mon, 22:32: RT @page88: PSA. For anyone beset by Nazi and brownshirt bots: I changed my Twitter address to Germany at the suggestion of a shrewd friend…
  • Mon, 22:36: RT @adamshostack: New paper (draft) on learning from near misses and voluntary reporting of incidents, how we can learn from the NTSB and A…
  • Mon, 22:45: RT @fotoole: So "take back control" comes down to being controlled by a minority party in Northern Ireland for which no one in Britain can…
  • Mon, 22:45: oh sod it; latest CU for Windows 10 FCU still has the UWP hang bug 3x a day but now I can't kill the runtime broker to fix it
  • Mon, 22:46: RT @andreasgal: Establishing an open codec is an impossibly hard task. @mozilla took it on, and is making serious progress 👍 https://t.co/o
  • Tue, 01:07: OMG Edge. how hard is it NOT to show the damn start page I TURNED OFF in Settings? why has this thing appeared agai… https://t.co/V5DfKDk8Pd
  • Tue, 01:09: it's like they don't want readers, just eyeballs https://t.co/1ipCNbhXFq
  • Tue, 02:42: @getwired hey, i think our bet is up. Who won?
  • Tue, 02:43: RT @RaeAChang: Quick How-To Woman tells you she doesn't want kids 1) Stop the judgey thoughts. Yes, I heard them 2) Say the words "Okay coo…


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