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  • Mon, 15:29: RT @FiloSottile: In summary, I have no idea why recruiter emails never start with a picture of a door, of a library and of a common space.…
  • Mon, 15:32: RT @Sonic_Screwup: You, a left wing journalist: demonising nazis isn’t going to help Me, a Jew, descended from murdered lawyers and transl…
  • Mon, 15:34: RT @zeynep: Next time you’re wondering what’s happening to the world. The rising industry, tech, neither pays its taxes, nor does it employ…
  • Mon, 15:41: RT @DavidAstinWalsh: A PhD in history means understanding the terrible things happening in the world today, but having everyone think you'r…
  • Mon, 15:43: RT @mhoye: It's such a tiny little detail, but: one of my colleagues filed a bug to make sure that if you open lots of tabs at once the lit…
  • Mon, 15:48: RT @sturdyAlex: "We had a round-table in no.10 with leaders of the motor industry. They said this is the most exciting time in their sector…
  • Mon, 16:00: RT @chimeracoder: "We've been sending your personal medical data to random strangers on the Internet, but now we're not, and we're calling…
  • Mon, 16:00: RT @_ndrw: @expensify What I'm confused about is how people discovered these MTurk tasks if they're supposedly private
  • Mon, 16:26: RT @bridgetkromhout: Microsoft issued me a Mac when they hired me to help people use Linux on Azure. ✨ If this sounds like the beginning o…
  • Mon, 16:37: RT @benhammersley: Electricity consumed per Bitcoin transaction: 294.00 KWh Approx wholesale cost of electricity in the US: $0.12 per KWh A…


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