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  • Mon, 19:30: RT @PerLarsen1975: New Windows 10 profile type in Intune = Network boundary #MSIntune #Windows10 #WDAG #WIP https://t.co/fxOtgKU3cX
  • Mon, 19:34: works for me https://t.co/ArLoN8VI1N
  • Mon, 19:34: RT @JenMsft: If you'd like to try inking in the handwriting panel with your fingertip, it's possible! Just make sure this setting is enable…
  • Mon, 20:22: RT @korybing: Other “your perception of time is fucked up” facts: we lived closer to Tyrannosaurus than tyrannosaurus lives to stegosaurus.…
  • Mon, 20:23: RT @coffeespoonie: TW: SA/IPV It is so important to not erase or deny the experiences of men/non-women victims. It is also so important t…
  • Mon, 21:19: dear all PRs; forwarding me the same message you sent to another journalist on another title earlier in the day is *not* how you do it
  • Mon, 22:07: don't think Birmingham Midshires quite groks online savings accounts. I applied October 31 & just received an envelope to post them a cheque
  • Mon, 22:08: RT @mjg59: Being able to understand how other people feel not only makes you a better human, it makes you a better developer.
  • Mon, 23:48: RT @jcochrane711: @afneil Our crisis is much worse than their crisis. Stop talking Britain down.
  • Mon, 23:51: RT @laurenwilliams: @lkmcgann The actions of Thrush and my old boss exist on the same plane of bullshit that working women have to take eve…
  • Tue, 01:46: Mem to self; buy something from Paperchase for being a company who knows what an apology looks like
  • Tue, 01:52: RT @mcclure111: Paying to play the game is ordinary and natural. Paying to progress, or to progress in a more enjoyable way, is bad because…
  • Tue, 01:52: RT @Justin_Ling: Google News prioritizes Russian propaganda coverage of my story over my story (on Google News' dealing with Russian propag…
  • Tue, 02:02: RT @mentorafrika: Check out what our team has cooking in Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands to reconnect the islands. #TVWhiteSpaces ❤️💻 h…
  • Tue, 02:04: RT @web_goddess: The things that we praise get repeated. Don't praise devs for heroic efforts saving the company at 2am. Praise them for sh…
  • Tue, 02:05: RT @jimatdeltaco: The common denominator among all the most brilliant and talented people I know is the gnawing sense that they are a total…
  • Tue, 02:07: They did. I've given the engineers multiple hugs in thanks https://t.co/hez49Syoo8
  • Tue, 02:11: RT @JamesMontemagno: For everyone asking when we will be open sourcing the SmartHotel360 projects... it will be Mid-December and we will bl…


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