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Instant back and forth

I use Trillian for IM because I need to talk to people on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and IRC (and I so don't want five clients running when I can have one that brings everyone together). What I'd like next is for Trillian to cover Skype IM - let me do the text chat conversations just like all my other text chat conversations and if I want to move to talking out loud, have it launch Skype ready to dial them (and maybe copy across the last few lines of the conversation as it's in the log file). There's a Skype API and a Trillian API: surely they can dance together?


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22nd Feb, 2005 15:55 (UTC)
Gave up on Trillian. I used to use 0.7 on the laptop - which still runs good ol' Windows, the last significant machine here to do so - but I got v3 and was appalled. It adds nothing useful, it still has the hateful skins but old ones don't work properly any more and there's STILL no option to just turn the useless crap OFF, and it's horribly HORRIBLY bloated. Took several minutes to just load, slowed the computer booting siginficantly all on its own, and was like wading through treacle to use.

So I binned it and installed GAIM, like in the W2K partition on my desktop. Much nicer. Got some rough edges but it's small, fast and does the job, and supports every protocol I've heard of and about another dozen.

But not Skype. Skype would be good, not that I use it yet.
22nd Feb, 2005 16:52 (UTC)
funny you should get me started on Trillian. I updated to 3 because 2 was having the old Yahoo won;t let you log on problem (Red Queen's race between them, blocking and patching). I loathe it. Even with the smallest skin I can find it's bigger and it took me over a week to get windows to open where I want at the size I want. I only stopped ranting because so many people took it as a chance to tell me to get a Mac (I'd consider a Mac if my bread and butter didn't involve being intimately familiar with Windows XP in a way I can only be if I use it). And NOW, I discover it doesn't bother importing the old log files for its new Activity History. Grrrrr.
24th Feb, 2005 16:25 (UTC)
All the more reason to use GAIM.

And I don't buy the argument about Windows - plus I've heard it before and used to say it myself - but hey, your choice.
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