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  • Wed, 17:52: why is there no good way to search the profiles of the people I follow? I know I follow SQL Server people!
  • Wed, 19:03: oooh, I hope this means a more integrated note-ing strategy https://t.co/yv65WXt04r
  • Wed, 19:11: RT @T_Frohock: This morning I received a Google alert that shows Miserere has 84,323 views and 432 favorites on a torrent site for free dow…
  • Wed, 19:12: RT @T_Frohock: @ronanfitzg @AnnaSmithWrites @UnDyrk @nypl Then the only thing you have left to do is vote for politicians who support libra…
  • Wed, 19:13: RT @JannyWurts: @T_Frohock Yes. Torrents kill books, and the ones that need the numbers fastest of all. I meant, you were wrong about the h…
  • Wed, 19:15: dear everyone just getting 280 characters: please don't do the 280 line long tweets; it's just abusive to everyone
  • Wed, 19:18: RT @jimgaynor: This. I've seen the "white glove support" most CEOs demand. You don't get to brag about your reading and efficiency when you…
  • Wed, 19:18: RT @mstranslator: Translate Word documents into 60+ languages with Word Translator, an intelligent service available to @office365 subscrib…
  • Wed, 19:19: Word can translate your documents thanks to Bing & it will soon help you write your resume thanks to LinkedIn; that's why Microsoft has them
  • Wed, 19:20: RT @MSFTEnable: Hey devs! New post from @gbarkerZ, leveraging the new UIA Notification event with Narrator. https://t.co/Xe2vQP7mQi
  • Wed, 21:02: RT @Danjite: Our IT Minister just called for algorithmic transparency. Loving NZ's new government. #nethui
  • Wed, 21:03: RT @mulander: This, I made banking software (with GUI+mice) - tellers didn't care if you moved fields - but you're on a death list if you f…
  • Wed, 21:05: RT @PeterGleick: As a way to educate people on #climate change, make the Twitter character limit the same as the daily atmospheric carbon d…
  • Wed, 21:11: RT @schnoll: General availability of App Service and Functions on #Azure Stack - https://t.co/mjf2Ni7oNw #AzureStack
  • Wed, 21:18: interesting: teens don't think of online harassment as abuse so 'report abuse' isn't meaningful for them https://t.co/3xBUOvOAQ3
  • Wed, 21:27: fascinating benchmarks on Qualcomm v Intel CPUs; Linux distro ARM support is there, languages like Go need more work https://t.co/46iioSj8i7
  • Thu, 01:10: RT @LeaVerou: I guess none of those that were involved in Apple’s decision to disallow headphones+charging at the same time on the iPhone h…
  • Thu, 01:13: RT @adrienneleigh: @awizardsbeard Absolutely. Which is not very. But there is a lot of danger in providing people the ILLUSION of safety, i…
  • Thu, 01:17: RT @kraln: @FioraAeterna I got bounced from the Android core team for switching MUL/IMUL in an interview, by someone who very clearly didn'…
  • Thu, 01:24: RT @slicknet: There are a whole category of errors that TypeScript or Flow can catch that ESLint can't because a type system is needed to c…
  • Thu, 01:30: RT @ryancrawcour: For my next installment of "ridiculously impressive data ingest and throughput stories possible with #Azure" I present to…
  • Thu, 01:33: RT @markwilsonit: Woah... how to win friends and influence people... https://t.co/P9oWsDJJwV
  • Thu, 01:41: RT @mjg59: Strange that people playing devil's advocate usually seem to do so in ways that diminish people's humanity or accomplishments
  • Thu, 01:43: RT @lizthegrey: Talk to your product managers. Talk to your UX researchers. Write down what your critical user journeys are and how reliabl…
  • Thu, 01:43: RT @mjg59: Sometimes people want to talk about what they do, not the additional bullshit they have to face because their community is broken


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