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  • Mon, 01:14: RT @DynamicWebPaige: Hack how a predictive model works; then influence its training/test data to make the algorithm do your bidding. Adver…
  • Mon, 01:17: Oh if only; 50:50 he claims to love their first album or mansplain why she's being hostile https://t.co/pfeD9N5qJM
  • Mon, 01:20: RT @EsotericCD: Last 24 hours in Saudi Arabia: - vast swathe of ruling elite arrested - prince dies mysteriously - army shutters land/sea e…
  • Mon, 01:21: RT @ahumorlessfem: If I died in a mass shooting, I want my death to be politicized. Literally the second I am pronounced dead.
  • Mon, 11:31: 25 years ago I recognizd the name of someone who told awful shaggy dog stories & jumped into the conversation & th… https://t.co/OT2PYWlcuL



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