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  • Wed, 13:57: i should have taken the bot framework as my entry in the #FutureDecoded drinking game
  • Wed, 13:57: RT @toddbishop: Hidden trick: When I shared this image with my Mac via AirDrop, it automatically loaded the product page in browser on comp…
  • Wed, 14:07: companies: create programs that fund sending younger & minority staff to conferences & publicise them
  • Wed, 14:08: learning to ask for the things that help you develop professionally is in itself a great skill
  • Wed, 14:21: RT @thezdi: Here's a quick recap of the Day 1 results for #Mobile #Pwn2Own 2017. Watch the blog for updates and more details coming soon. h…
  • Wed, 14:22: RT @ConsortiumCloud: Best coffee @FutureDecoded 2017? (Our barista knows his beans😉) Cast your vote!
  • Wed, 14:26: RT @katekelly: Nice quarter for the $NYT as revenues rise on 14% increase in digital subs
  • Wed, 14:28: someone needs to make an API that will check marketing slogans for innuendo; at the very least, run them through urban dictionary
  • Wed, 14:28: RT @JeremyMcLellan: 2016: All your favorite celebrities are dead 2017: All your favorite celebrities are dead to you
  • Wed, 14:34: RT @MikeIsaac: Warner now focusing on Instagram, which has largely skated by. " beginning Oct of 2016, instagram posts reached an additio…
  • Wed, 15:24: if you depend on APIs (like Google's QPX Express flight search APIs which dies in April 2018) what's your backup for if they get taken away?
  • Wed, 15:28: RT @SQLCATalyst: AzureCAT is hiring for various opportunities across the team, including data experts in the areas of Oracle, Teradata, ope…
  • Wed, 15:29: RT @jason_kint: Exactly. Ads merely a tool to seed sponsored posts and then mobile with fake accounts and persuadable/passionate at a mico-…
  • Wed, 15:32: but it's the legal counsels testifying; neither exec for responsibility nor subject matter expert for knowledge=can…
  • Wed, 15:38: Linux workloads on Azure are growing @ 150% of Windows workload growth says @julwhite #FutureDecoded
  • Wed, 15:44: crying with laughter at how useful* Google's API shutdown advice is *yeah right
  • Wed, 15:44: RT @marylgray: #MITAIjobs AI advancement depends on large data sets collected from customers. What happens if customers stop sharing data t…
  • Wed, 15:45: RT @jepayneMSFT: Building 109 at Microsoft makes truly terrifying Halloween displays like 'dying while waiting for Windows Update' and 'end…
  • Wed, 15:54: National Trust showing the #PowerBI chronologies they made to show their history; the storyteller tool used to make this is now available
  • Wed, 16:01: always consider the motives of the source you're quoting
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    Sun, 12:40: RT @ MSFTResearch: Explore artists’ interventions on surveillance, from policing to encryption, e-waste, & AI. Join Dr. Simone…

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    Sat, 17:30: proof that a feature hasn't shipped until it's documented Sat, 17:33: RT @ sarahmquinlan: So many men…

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    Fri, 12:29: RT @ soapachu: Hey remember when he illegally prorogued Parliament to prevent scrutiny of his 'great new deal'? Fri, 12:30: RT…

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