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  • Mon, 12:01: RT @k8em0: 2: Origin of exploit doesn't matter. When defenders still aren't doing basic security, they would've been victims regardless of…
  • Mon, 12:02: RT @molily: TFW a conference about “the next billion” (i.e. internet users in emerging markets) features only North-American speakers, most…
  • Mon, 12:03: RT @Clarkezone: @ad1Dima @mahoekst @WithinRafael @dotMorten @gcaughey In general we have a high desire to close remaining gaps in windowing…
  • Mon, 12:11: Shame Wired didn't give their iPhone X to a reviewer who'd tried out face unlock on Windows and could compare it
  • Mon, 12:16: Or hike the extra mile to the entramce https://t.co/yYvTBCjXop
  • Mon, 13:26: I *so* want apps like CorelDRAW to go through the Store; avoid annoying updates. so messy to uninstall. did I get all the bits?
  • Mon, 13:38: RT @dan_abramov: Perhaps this shows “issues” are a very crude generalization. Symptoms : Defects is many-to-many. GitHub doesn’t make it ea…
  • Mon, 13:48: RT @mims: if you are a company that did something heinous today's a good day to issue that press release you've been sitting on
  • Mon, 14:00: good summary of Chrome Dev Summit 2017: PWAs, PWAs, PWAs & a lot more Polymer than you might expect https://t.co/6rgW9rm0OG
  • Mon, 14:30: Apple burgers sit on a layer of wasabi & Google has too much mustard underneath & Microsoft went to Wimpy https://t.co/LgXKqMgk6o
  • Tue, 10:06: nice to see the design language of the Microsoft accessibility design pack showing up in #FutureDecoded slides
  • Tue, 10:08: I too remember McEnroe & Borg as great tennis players but McEnroe more recently better known for dissing female tennis players so er?
  • Tue, 10:14: Panos emphasizing how much of his day he spends staying in flow by looking at his phone, er without saying what phone he uses #FutureDecoded
  • Tue, 10:15: So Panos is really pointing out that Microsoft hardware makes Microsoft software shine, like using the pen to drive PowerPoint presentations
  • Tue, 10:18: Panos showing the Windows 10 mixed reality 'show a 3D model in the real world' AR that anyone can make with Paint 3D; everyone can make AR
  • Tue, 10:22: I'm always surprised when people pick London to launch products like Surface Pro LTE because it's not a big market https://t.co/3V0FP108aJ
  • Tue, 10:42: RT @DanielCake: Any Unity developers recommend any tools for localisations? You know I've got a fun day coming up when I'm asking this ques…
  • Tue, 10:44: it used to be building an Excel spreadsheet model; now it's a web or mobile app https://t.co/4mHKcsmqys
  • Tue, 10:51: nice to see @julwhite pointing out what I said ~2 years ago; hybrid means consistent with cloud or it's just 'using cloud' #FutureDecoded
  • Tue, 10:52: RT @gcaughey: Microsoft gets it: what developers can't easily won't leverage won't get used. They also understand devs don't all use the sa…


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