Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Wed, 05:23: RT @kennwhite: Important detail in @AAndriotis & @bobmcmillan's scoop: hackers were inside Equifax's network 4 mos undetected, beginning in…
  • Wed, 05:32: RT @ashedryden: When given the choice between a charismatic serial abuser & a hard working marginalized person without github on their resu…
  • Wed, 06:04: RT @stevesi: 2/ Of course someone forgot to apply the patch. The question is what exec/mgmt process and verification process led to the pat…
  • Wed, 06:11: RT @mknz: Better than per-second billing is not billing for seconds. #Azure bills only for completed minutes of IaaS Compute -
  • Wed, 06:12: RT @lizthegrey: @sgnyrts @adrienneleigh Why do you think people cover things up? Too much "accountability" for individuals. Having blameles…
Tags: #azure, twitter
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