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  • Mon, 01:51: people we know in Denver & Boulder areas! we're planning to come through on the 6th/7th/8th this month; ping if you want to say hi @sbisson
  • Mon, 03:33: I'm sure the answer is a goat https://t.co/ow9kDzxnuW
  • Mon, 03:45: RT @jensenharris: The most threatening thing to the future of AR gaming is normal people's lack of an uncluttered surface.
  • Mon, 03:45: RT @jensenharris: The promise of mobile gaming is “do it where you are”, but AR makes me go to some theoretically pure space that doesn’t a…
  • Mon, 03:51: The new Seal Team thing is on the TV in the bar where we're eating. Music by Snuffy G Walden and very 30 something cinematography
  • Mon, 04:09: RT @edzitron: Never forget though no matter how much Saudi Arabia pays you, you’re never safe from an updog https://t.co/ivSqODSNAl
  • Mon, 05:11: RT @samccone: Why do you think web workers remain a rarely used primitive? DX? Lack of compelling case studies? Not enough abstractions to…
  • Mon, 05:11: RT @samccone: @_alastair running not on the main thread is the most radical "new" thing since XMLHttpRequest first landed.
  • Mon, 05:12: RT @samccone: @seldo hypothesis: most websites I have profiled that lock the main thread in calcing DOM updates for 100s of MS would see n…
  • Mon, 05:52: fascinating in itself but also contains a perfect expression of Britain's 'small but special' view of itself as a n… https://t.co/YbwLeg4yqR
  • Mon, 05:56: RT @manisha72617183: OH a while ago: Occam's Taser: The most painful explanation is usually the correct one
  • Mon, 06:01: RT @KatyMontgomerie: Protip for any trans people posting 2012/2017 photos: Write "The Daily Mail is fucking shit" in really small font at…
  • Mon, 06:04: RT @tarah: If you are writing a technologist's job description w >60% travel & there's a relocation requirement, examine your life choices.
  • Mon, 06:05: RT @UnburntWitch: @biz @ReggieMikel @monteiro Like yeah there are good people working in broken systems. But the system is broken and compa…
  • Mon, 06:05: RT @UnburntWitch: @biz @ReggieMikel @monteiro And PS - your bosses should be looking out for you and helping mitigate secondary trauma for…
  • Mon, 06:09: RT @yonatanzunger: It's hard to think of a single case where Twitter's answer wasn't "allow everything, make it users' responsibility to bl…
  • Mon, 06:09: RT @yonatanzunger: But KEY POINT: People's speech can be used to suppress other people's speech. (Harassment, threats, etc)
  • Mon, 06:09: RT @yonatanzunger: Specifically, if someone can impose costs on another person for speaking, then speech becomes limited to those most able…
  • Mon, 06:10: RT @yonatanzunger: So what does healthy policy look like? You look for things which systematically cause people to feel uncomfortable engag…
  • Mon, 06:11: RT @yonatanzunger: So if you want to have functional policy in the modern age, come up with an editorial voice, and admit that it constitut…


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