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  • Fri, 22:20: Edge extensions one year on: what Edge added so more extensions work, why extension are curated through Store
  • Fri, 22:28: hey, everyone we know; we're driving Orlando to Park City via Santa Fe, maybe Denver/Boulder. holler if we pass close enough to say hello!
  • Fri, 22:35: for amusement value if you're ever in the same place as @sbisson ask if he has a random tech accessory, to see what's in his bag of holding
  • Sat, 00:11: RT @lastcoolname: @marypcbuk After 20 years as a Unix/Linux dev, I wanted to scale out my impact. MS has truly embraced OSS and I wanted to…
  • Sat, 02:01: I love the motto of this Chinese restaurant; if it has four legs and it's not a table, eat it ;) #TripzillaSouth
  • Sat, 02:56: RT @AstroKatie: Just FYI: the following are not compliments: "Wow, you don't LOOK like a scientist!" "Pretty AND smart!" "A girl with a bra…
  • Sat, 03:04: RT @alicegoldfuss: This is a good way to start job and career transitions, btw. Do tasks you're solid on, perhaps the best they have right…
  • Sat, 03:04: RT @alicegoldfuss: Now, what did I have to do to get here? - find materials - study on my own time, for hours - have faith that I was smart…
  • Sat, 03:04: RT @alicegoldfuss: I'm sharing this because SV tech careers are very much about how you present yourself and your successes. People gloss o…
  • Sat, 03:13: Announcing Virtual Network integration for Azure Storage and Azure SQL; public cloud is increasingly on your network
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